# Install the secretcli Secret Network light client

  1. Get the latest release of secretcli for your OS: https://github.com/enigmampc/SecretNetwork/releases/latest.
  1. Install:

    • Mac/Windows: Rename it from secretcli-${VERSION}-${OS} to secretcli or secretcli.exe and put it in your path.
    • Ubuntu/Debian: sudo dpkg -i secret*.deb
  2. Configure:

    secretcli config chain-id secret-2
    secretcli config output json
    secretcli config indent true
    secretcli config node tcp://secret-2.node.enigma.co:26657
    secretcli config trust-node true

    secret-2.node.scrt.network is not a real node though. You currently have two options for getting your own secret node:

    1. Rent or use a free-tier node from figment.
    2. Set up your own node.
  3. Check the installation:

    secretcli status